Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Still Busy

John took Larissa to Augusta for the second part of her testing.  This required an IV.  I am so very much thankful that I was not there!  It took them 5 tries to get the IV.  If I had been there I am afraid that they would not have been able to do the test, we would have been out of there.  I can not stand watching my kids screaming while folks poke them.  She did make out with the goodies.  They gave her a nice wooden puzzle and a stuffed Pooh and Tigger.  As usual, we do not know the results of the testing yet.

I got to take the new kids to the therapist.  This therapist came highly recommended and is almost an hour away.  I am about ready to fire this therapist.  She really hasn't had anything good to say.  She hasn't read the paperwork on the girls after two visits.  Today she even said that maybe the girls should be moved.  We were shocked.  Later she told us that she really didn't have much to help with since we seemed to know what to do.  Well, uh, thanks I guess.  I am wondering why I thought we needed a therapist. 

Anthony used to go to one but that didn't last long since the therapist wanted to compare him to her son all the time.  Yea, as though her son lived in a totally neglected situation the first few years of his life.  Sorry, there was no comparing.  Then the two therapists we tried for Joselin....well, that was a waste of time and money.  The therapist for Larissa because she wouldn't talk....she quit on us because Larissa wouldn't talk.  Well, duh that was why we were seeking a play therapist.  I guess we just don't have a good track record as far as therapists go.

Then I got to visit the post office.  I had no idea that they had started closing for lunch.  Naturally they just started doing that this month.  Makes a lot of sense, I would assume that December is the busiest time of the year for the post office.  So I got to sit and wait for them to come back because I knew that if I left I would not make it back.  In spite of my procrastination I got a care package out to Tasha and gifts to the grand kids.

Tomorrow we get to go visit the doctor and the dentist.  Then, I think that I will finally get around to making that fudge.  Chocolate always makes me happy.

Have a great day.


  1. Is there an attachment specialist near you? The only really good one I've heard of in the whole south east is in Savannah.

  2. Sad thing to me is this therapist is supposed to be familiar with attachment. She doesn't think that they have attachment issues, they are so sweet with her.


  3. I hear you. We took Jeff to a counselor who would ask him each week if he'd stolen anything. Of course he'd say no and she'd give him a reward. One day after he got his reward I pulled off his sheet to wash it and there was 53 wrappers in it. When I told her, she said she was sure he hadn't meant to lie to her. I said he was RAD and of course she said no, I just didn't understand him. That was the last counseling session.