Thursday, December 22, 2011

One of Those Days

It was a rough day here for home and property.

This is my newly refinished dining room table after a kid got a hold of my permanent markers and did art on the table.....

Kitchen cabinet after a kid decided to hang off of it.  For some reason it didn't take too kindly to it.....

My poor dishwasher.  Whoever decided to have the rack supports made out of plastic was crazy.  Currently ours is held together by a piece of a coat hanger.  The dishwasher is less then a year old so Kitchenaid did come out and service it.  We received new pieces of plastic in the mail but the coat hanger is working fine......

We did have fun today.  We let the kids loose with chocolate, sprinkles and pretzels.

Larissa was very meticulous and worked very hard.  The top pretzels are her creations.

Some just liked to eat the chocolate.......... (I think that her face is obscured enough to post this)

For some reason I just love this picture of Larissa.  Such concentration.

We have had rain the last few days with really warm weather.  If the rain stays away tomorrow we are taking the kids on a nature walk and let them gather potential art supplies.  However, if it rains all day then we will stay in and the kids will drive me crazy because I have nothing else planned.

What are you doing to keep your kids busy?  Obviously I am not doing enough since they are tearing up my house!


  1. hey felica on "some" surfaces a dry erase marker rubbed over the permenant marker will take it off....wont hurt to try - has worked miracles for me! Amanda

  2. I keep on stock those very cheap wood crafts for the kids to do. I know Michael's here has them for anywhere from $1 up depending on the difficulty. This is good for several hours of work since the rule is one craft a day.

  3. One of my favourite crafts was taking pinecones, tying a piece of yarn to it, spreading peanut butter on it and rolling it in birdseed. This craft always went over well with all ages.
    Merry Christmas Felicia
    ps my dishwasher looks the same and my kids are all teenagers

  4. I will give it a try Melinda. Can't hurt!

  5. I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to take black Sharpie off our newly painted white trim. It worked great and now I always keep one on hand for emergencies. They are worth every penny!
    ~ Angela

  6. Understand those days. Rick was restraining Kayla and she kicked my cup of soda off the countertop sending soda flying and breaking the glass. Didn't have any feelings of remorse. Just kept kicking. Got her head stuck under cold water too!!!! Told her that's the best way to cool down a hot head!