Sunday, December 25, 2011

We've had a Merry Christmas

Our day was great.  The kids got up bright and early and opened their gifts. Tasha was able to join us through Skype, it was better then nothing.  Apparently we made her dizzy.  Next year she will be home for Christmas so she can see why she was dizzy!. 

For the record, Larissa got up first.
(There are two kids in that pile)

Everyone was happy with what they got.  There were no complaints.  My concerns about comparing and such were unfounded.

We took a break from playing and went to church. It was nice having church on Christmas.

When I look at this picture of Anthony I can see how much he has grown.  He is finally growing into his two front teeth.  He also looks so much more.....uh, relaxed.  His behaviors have really improved in the last year and to me it shows in his face......strange, I know.  Hard to explain.

I got the right dancing dolls and the girls were happy to get their own art boxes made by elves. (Larissa taped those pictures to the wall weeks ago)

The girls loved their Nintendo DX's and the wagon.  John says that is the strangest wagon he has ever seen but I got it to take on trips since it folds up. (Larissa asked for a wagon)

Not only was it a first Christmas for Lily to receive what she asked for, it was also a first Christmas for our teen to have a stocking.  It was also our teens first Christmas in a long time to get surprise gifts.  We had a lot of fun with her this morning because she had one blue box that she was most curious about....we waited to have her open it last.  I knew it was a digital camera and she was delighted with it.

The two little ones received some gifts from DSS.  Mainly craft supplies and Barbies.  I was asked what they liked and I gave them that information.  They also asked my teen what she liked but she never received anything.  I wasn't too concerned since we had already purchased everything for her as if she was our own.  However, there are some foster parents that do not do that.  My challenge to everyone for next Christmas is to pick an angel off of the angel tree for a teen.  People don't pick their cards like they do the little ones and teens are often left out.  Teens need to receive just as much as little ones do.  Someone remind me to put that challenge out there next year!

I am exhausted and hope to get in to bed before midnight tonight.  It seems as though a mom's job is never done.  Even on Christmas we are cleaning, cooking and doing laundry.  One day I hope to cruise on Christmas and really take a break!

I hope that everyone else had a great day.

Have a great evening.

(Anyone going after CHristmas shopping?  I have decided not to.)


  1. Felicia, I'm glad your Christmas was so great! Your family deserves the very best of everything!!! The best part of our day was getting to talk to our son who is serving a two year mission in Sao Paulo Brazil. I think my kids were more excited about his phone call than they were about anything else this year. Thanks so much for this wonderful blog you keep. It is so uplifting and inspiring. I love checking in every week to see what your cute family is up to.

  2. Thanks for sharing the follow up! I am so glad that your kids have you. And, while I have mixed feelings about praying for someone to willingly give up their parental rights, my prayer is that all three of these girls will be adoptable really soon and get to be a forever part of your family.

  3. A looks much more at peace with himself in photos.