Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Life - The Outtakes

Do you ever wonder what doesn't get posted on my blog?  I mean, I don't tell everything, actually, I can't tell everything.  For the most part we are just everyday boring folks with busy lives.  I try to give a pretty accurate accounting of our trials and joys.

Tonight DSS had a little party for the kids.  All the kids get one gift, even siblings of foster kids.  Dinner is served so we were there.  If I don't have to cook I am delighted.  Of course, the kids came for the gift.

John even got picked to do Santa duty.....all our kids knew who Santa was.

Anthony and Larissa got to see their other brother.

How we disguise presents around here.  You can't just get a gift card....

My emergency door alarm before I could get out and buy something more permanent for the door.  (A travel alarm and it worked great)  Please ignore the dirty door and the sticker.

Tasha sent me flowers on the day she left for overseas.   sniff: sniff

Normally I let the kids wear whatever they want.  However, on this day we were heading to church and I asked Larissa to rethink her outfit.

Anthony has such a huge grin it shines in the flash.

Sometimes we just don't know. (She will not be happy with me one day!)

Momma on watch.

If you have ever dealt with this hair type, you would know why I do not like kids playing in the dirt and leaves.  I was guilty of telling the girls that there were bugs in all that stuff.....yep, and I hope it prevents another dirt, leaf head episode.

And how was your week?

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  1. Sometimes you don't know what to say. It might be easier just to write the good stuff (like the day we decorated the tree) but then people may get the wrong idea about adoption, behavior issues, how we are so lucky because our kids are so cute etc (rather than the truth which is that Kayla turned very ugly after I left for church, had a screaming, kicking fit and had to be sent to bed).