Saturday, December 17, 2011

Today the teens and I meet with some friends to do some Christmas baking.  we brought the above ingredients.  Don't ask me what they are called because I have no idea.  I was surfing the web one day and saw them on someones blog.  They so simple and easy and that is my type of recipe.

First you unpeel a bunch of Rolo's. 

Place down some pretzels.  Those square types.

Place one Rolo on each pretzel and bake at 350 for 4 minutes.

Take it out and while hot smush a half pecan on each one.

That is it, so simple and so tasty.

We made lots of different goodies and had a great time.

And of course we made a big mess.

We still have fudge, cookies and buckeyes to make.  Anyone have a simple recipe to share?


  1. Hope you made enough to send me some!

  2. Going to try the rolo things later. Seems like everyone is doing a month of kindness now so our family is going to do it in February when everyone is feeling blah and grumpy again!