Monday, December 12, 2011


Tomorrow is visitation for the girls.  Apparently both bioparents are coming.  After a few months of nothing they are showing up for December.  I haven't told the girls that their parents will be there yet.  In the morning they are going to call us when they start our way.  If the bios show up then I will tell the girls.

I did tell them that we are going to the big city to have the visit with their SW.  Dimples first question was to ask me if they were coming back.  Then she wanted to know who was driving them, me.  Then she asked again if they were coming back.  Five minutes later she asked me once again if they are coming back.  Just a tad bit of anxiety showing up.

Lily is quite a bright child.  She knows that visitation in the big city is not our norm.  She stuck beside me all evening.  by stuck beside me I mean body to body contact close to me.

We had wanted to do straight adoption so we wouldn't have to worry about the fall out of visitations.  Well, that didn't happen. I expect an increase in problem behaviors with this visit.  This also reminds me that we don't have TPR yet.  Until we have TPR there is always a chance that they will go home, I know this.  I have seen a lot of different things in foster care and things don't always go as expected.

For a distraction I decided that it would be a good evening to do a Christmas craft.  We made ornaments and lots of messes.  I'll have to post pictures in the morning.  For now, I am exhausted and heading to bed.

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