Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dancing Dolls

Today I took Larissa to the dentist. Her last dentist wanted to put 5 crowns on her teeth. I didn't agree so I found a new dentist. Funny, her new dentist said she doesn't have 5 cavities so she can't imagine how she would need 5 crowns, actually she needs none. Interesting.

The new dentist is very nice and she talked a lot with Larissa. The fact that Larissa responded to her brings me great joy. The dentist asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Larissa tells her a doll, whew, I am safe. Then she adds a dancing doll! What!? I have not heard of this dancing doll before. Four days before Christmas and I am just hearing about this dancing doll. Geez.

So later I am cooking dinner with my cooking partner Lily and she talks about Christmas. She says that she hasn't really gotten what she wanted for Christmas before. She has told me a million things she wants for Christmas (you know, EVERYTHING she sees on commercials) so I ask her what she wants for Christmas. You probably guessed it, a dancing doll! Larissa was sleeping so I know that they didn't conspire on that one.

What is up with this dancing doll? Apparently it is advertised on a commercial. Perhaps TV needs to be banned next December. I don't watch TV so I can only guess what they are talking about. Is it possible to get only two dancing dolls when I have three little girls? Why do I bother to shop early? They change their minds so much.

I did receive an email telling me that my ant order is being processed. Yep, ants. Have you ever had an ant farm? When I was little we used to collect ants in a jar of dirt and watch them build their tunnels. This shall be interesting.

Santa's elves came by this evening to make some art boxes. OK, maybe I threw a couple together for the girls so they can have their own. Since my Christmas budget is now nothing I used wood left over from other projects.

Tomorrow morning I have one more dentist appointment and then no more this week.  I will be appointment free until the 27th.  

Anyone know about the dancing doll?  I guess I will watch Dora tomorrow.


  1. Nope. But we watch DVDs not tv.

    We had five dental appts this week. Four check ups and four teeth filled. None me thankfully but I am probably looking at a root canal in a tooth. Oh yay.

  2. I googled it. There is a Baby Born Dance with Me Baby doll. I don't know for sure if that's what the girls want, but they are selling it all over. Hope it helps!

  3. Hmmmm, now I wonder, I was looking at the Little Mommy Dancy Dancy Baby Doll. Geez, Santa has it hard.