Friday, December 9, 2011

Prime Real Estate

It was a good day here. No major melt downs or tantrums.

Sarah and our teen were packing for a weekend of church activities.  They will be gone until Sunday so it will be interesting around here with only little ones.

After dinner I was sitting on the floor coloring with the girls.  I came to realize that my lap is prime real estate.  First one girl would sit on my lap for a while.  As soon as she got up another girl would come and sit.  This went on for quite a while...three girls trying to claim that spot.  I am surprised that any coloring got done.

Shortly after that I left to go drop the girls off at church.  For some reason Lily was crying about this.  I don't know if it was the girls leaving or me leaving to take them, she couldn't say.  I am not even going to guess, perhaps it was both.

What was Anthony doing during that time?

He got this from Santa yesterday.  I would have to estimate that he spent 4 hours working on this today.  He worked very hard at following the directions.  We finally had to send him off to bed, he would have worked on the next one all night if allowed.

He definitely takes after his momma, loves to create.  It gets it from his biodad too, he carves beautiful canes that he sells.  I really need to buy two off of him for the kids.  Maybe I will stop at the park and talk to him one day before Christmas.

Tomorrow we are heading out to a gun show.  John wants some old Russian rifle for Christmas.  I am not going to even try and guess on that one!

Off to bed to read again.  Have a great evening.

(Tasha is in Kuwait and I have an address.  If anyone wants to write her email me)

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