Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making Messes

Anyone check out the Pinterest sites?  My baby food jar ornament that I made last year ended up on a lot of those sites.  It surprises me because that little ornament is posted on HGTV, Pinterest and numerous other sites; some of them in foreign languages.  He is kind of cute.

I saw this cute little ornament on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

If you get into a paint fight with your mom, expect to get marked!

One small problem, once the paint comes out and you tell the kids to get it on their hands....well, there is no going back.

I want to paint my cabinets white, I got a small preview.

Yea, I didn't put out any newspaper.  The paint came up easily since it was some of my water based acrylic paint.

They did come out cute and they all have character.  I found some directions that said to do the faces with permanent markers.  I couldn't get the markers to write well on the paint so I pulled out my paints and finished them up.

The girls made two each and today will take one to their dad.  Dad showed up but mom didn't.  We leave in 30 minutes to go downtown. 


  1. I don't know what pinterest is. Jasmine still has hers on her dresser. Should put a copyright across that : ) The ornaments are cute.

  2. Do you ALWAYS have a project going on there? :) You continue to amaze me with the width of your talents. And that you have a heart as deep and wide as that. Your family is blessed to have you as their wife/mother.

  3. Do u put any kind of finish on them to keep the paint from scratching off?