Monday, September 5, 2011


Well, everyone survived the sleepover.  Teen had her first sleepover and wanted to invite more then one friend.  All you experienced moms know how that can be a problem.  We know how that can be a problem.  Teen got to experience how that can be a problem and has decided that from now on she will only invite one friend at a time. 

Can we say "drama" on hormones.  I think that my teen spent more time downstairs with us then with her friends.  She says that they are annoying.  I had to laugh.  I told her that I thought that all teens were supposed to be annoying.

I think that in some aspects it was good for her.  I had tried to talk to her before about one of her "friends" who wasn't acting like a friend at all.  She didn't see it before but she really saw it last night.  This is really a friendship she needs to let go.  I hope that she is able to do so but part of me feels that she won't.  That would just be another least I know she won't be back to spend the night.

Teen and one friend are now in the kitchen making chocolate chip pancakes.  The rest are asleep. 

On to the next adventure.


  1. Teens can be very cruel when they put their minds to it. Others can amaze you at their compassion.

  2. I hate sleepovers with more then one girl. No better way to mess up friendships then have multiple girls spend the night! I am fighting to avoid "slumber parties"; I bribe my girls with offers of fun activites "we can't afford if we have more then one friend over" :) Prayers for your teen as she continues to navigate all that is in front of her. Blessings, Jennifer