Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Selective Mutism on Meds

We have always known that anxiety medication can be prescribed for selective mutism.  However, we had been hesitant to put Larissa on anxiety medication because of her age and seizures.  After visiting a new doctor and agreeing that her long tantrums while I was in school may be separation anxiety we decided to go ahead and start the medication.

The tantrums have stopped.  Even better she is talking.  The other day at San Jose she decided she needed a spoon.  She actually got up and went and asked for one.  True, we eat there so much that it is like a second home.  But, that was such a huge step for her.  Her teacher also reports that she is talking to her.  She is still not a chatterbox but she does speak up for herself.

Today she had gymnastics.  She was working on doing her handstands.  From the other side of the building, behind a glass partition I could hear her yelling to her coach, "look at me, look at me".  Her coach rewarded her with a positive reaction and a high five when she got up.  I was shocked that she was so loud.  I loved it.
She is also sleeping in her own bed.  We moved the mattress from our room to her bottom bunk and there she stays.  She has come into our bedroom only one time in the last few weeks.  I do miss the cuddles but am glad that she is able to be secure in her own bed.

At the end of the month we will be visiting her neurologist.  I hope that he doesn't want to change her anxiety medications.  We actually haven't seen any negative side effects....only positive. 

All is good.

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