Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Getting Larissa's nocturnal seizures under control has not happened.  The neurologist in the big city close by just kept adding med after med and increasing the dosage.  She was still having seizures.  Six months ago I took her off of all the meds and tried to find another pediatric neurologist.  There are not many choices in the state of South Carolina.  We found one in Augusta, Georgia, yes, the next state over.  Insurance issues......  Yesterday we travelled there.

Naturally they had a McDonalds right in the entrance.  Yes, Larissa asked for McDonalds.  No, we didn't get any.

You know you are in for a LONG wait when they hand your kid crayons and coloring pages.

(She dressed herself in the long sleeve shirt and shorts...)

Guilty grin.

Yea, Larissa left some artwork, she even signed it.  I didn't notice it until we were walking out.

Her neurologist wants to do a sleep study.  He wants to see precisely where her seizures are originating from.  He also wants to look at her MRI she had done a while back to see if they missed any legions.  It should be interesting.  We really don't know how often she seizes at night because we haven't stayed up all night to count.  I do know that she has quite a few.

Hopefully we will be able to get this issue under control.

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  1. Is that the children's hospital? Jasmine had her clubfoot/toe/finger surgery at the children's hospital but that was 2002 so I don't remember much other than it was big and they took really good care of her.