Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today was gymnastics day. Seems like on Wednesdays DSS likes to call me. So went went from this......

To this.......................

and we pulled out these.................

We had a two year old brought to us at gymnastics.  Our foster teen K was brought there as well.  She wanted to go today to meet the new foster kid.

I don't think that we will have this little one with us for long.  A family member is supposed to take her on Monday. 

So, how did it go......I got the child, a piece of paper called a foster parent contract and a small bag of supplies.  This piece of paper allows me the ability to seek medical care and take care of educational needs.  The bag had some diapers, one pair of shoes and a few outfits.  Since the little one is expected to leave us on Monday (and the clothing smelled) I left the clothing in the bag and put it in the garage.  I have clothing on hand that will fit her and will just use that.  I do appreciate the diapers.  It helps to know what size diapers she needs without guessing (although I have gotten good at guessing).  All I picked up today were diaper wipes.  I have a lot of little girl clothing and can cover that very easily.  If they ever call me for a little boy I would have to go shopping for clothing.  I go to garage sales quite frequently and I wonder if I should start picking up a few boy items. 

So, how is it hard......I know nothing except for the child's name and date of birth.  I don't know if she has any allergies, if she has any medical conditions to worry about, what foods she likes, what her bedtime routine is, if she has a lovey she sleeps with.  Imagine trying to but a little one to bed and you don't know if they normally sleep in the dark or with a light; with a sibling, alone or with a parent; with silence or with noise; with a favorite blanket or not; with a book or not; or do they even have a time that they are put to bed or just allowed to collapse when ever and where ever; do they even have a bed.

So, why bother......tonight after a meal, bath and bedtime routine I laid the little one down.  She cried, put her arms up to me and cried mommy.  I know that she doesn't see me as mommy but as the one who can offer her comfort.  I picked her up and swayed back and forth with her (I really need a rocking chair).  Slowly I felt her body relax.  Within 5 minutes she was sound asleep and I laid her down.  I was there, I was there to offer comfort.  That is part of what we do as foster parents.

I can also tell you that she is developmentally on track, her speech is good and she is well fed.  If she were to stay in my care my only concern would be to see if her lazy eye issue had been addressed.  Assessing children who come into our care is also a large part of what we do.

Our day started with my early bird Anthony all chipper and my night owl wanting to go back to bed.....

It ended with another little one sleeping under our roof and lots of toddler toys scattered all over the floor. 

How was your day?

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  1. Wednesday is my crazy day too. Everyone has to be picked up because there's no time for them to come home on the bus. Jessica gets Jasmine, I get the twins, we meet at dance. After the twins' tumbline, Jessica takes them home while I stay with Jasmine for jazz & tap. We grab food and get to church just in time for youth choir. Jessica gets back in time for orchestra. Can't complain though because I just read the Livesays' blog about yesterday at their maturnity house in Haiti and they really had a crazy day. No progress getting certified here!!! So I wish they'd stop putting up bill boards about needing foster families!!!