Saturday, September 24, 2011

Merits Hearing

Merits Hearings

A merits hearing is a proceeding in which a judge hears the facts and determines whether there is sufficient evidence to conclude a child is abused or neglected. DSS, the child’s parent, and the guardian ad litem may present witnesses and other evidence at a merits hearing.

Friday we had the Merit Hearing for our teen K.  John and I went to tell the court how she is doing in our home.  We were told she was a runner, she is still here so I am not so sure about that.  K is doing great. 

I did ask her the other day if she felt that she needed to move to a different foster home since all the drama with Joselin is also impacting her at church and school.  She told me that she does not want to move and is happy where she is.  So, here she stays. 

We will be doing some rearranging of the girls bedroom and find a fullsize bed for her.  She shares a room with Sarah and they are both happy with that arrangement. 

John leaves for Fort Huachuca tomorrow so I will be a single parent for the week.  He will get a week break from driving to Augusta which he needs.  Last week he applied for a job at Shaw AFB .  Please pray (or offer good wishes) for him to get that job.  Shaw AFB is so much closer.

Church tomorrow, I pray for peace.

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