Saturday, September 3, 2011


OK, fostering teenagers is hard.  Babies....well you always know where they are.  You have more control over the situation.  Of course once they become mobile then you have the worry of them getting bumps and bruises.

Teenagers do stupid things.  Unfortunately for some teenagers in foster care others are watching them waiting for failure.  Even when they do things that a typical parent would simply give a correction for.  My phone ran off the hook today because of some small mistakes on my teens part.  Things that I had already counselled her about.  Well, I got to talk to her again to reiterate what I had already told her.......and to let her know that many eyes are watching her.  She needs to be aware of that.

Friends!  Geez!  I knew that girls could be mean.  Really, Sarah is doing schooling at home because of bullying.  But to tell a kid who just went into foster care that you are mad at them "because they have changed"....seriously.  Who needs friends like that? Apparently teenage girls do.  Realizing that some of your friends are really not your friends is a hard thing to do.  I have been amazed and saddened by what I have seen among the girls.  Attempts to sabotage and add drama.  Crazy.

On a good note, my teen is preparing her very first sleepover this weekend. She spent time today cleaning up her bedroom and going through her clothing.  We will make a snack run so that we will be well stocked.  It is strange realizing that at the age of 16 she is having her first sleep over.  I am glad that I am able to give her the opportunity.

Other then some small glitches our teen is doing well.  She continues to be respectful in our home and is very pleasant to be around.  I hope that if this is a honeymoon phase that it lasts a really long time!

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