Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today Anthony came home with bookfair books and change from the $20. Only one problem.......I didn't give him any money! Guess who gets to go to school tomorrow to return some books and money?  Apparently a friend gave him the money.  Sticky fingers are a problem so he is not allowed to take any money from any friends.  Actually, he is not allowed to take anything from friends.  It keeps it simple.

After talking with his teacher today I realize that even though he just got his first yellow yesterday, she has been having issues with him.  Ah, nice to let me know.  If he thinks he is getting away with anything he will escalate.  I guess I need to have a meeting with his teacher to get on the same page.

Sigh....looks like the school year has begun.


  1. I had the same problem and the same rule but everyone wanted to give my two boys stuff because it appeared they had so little. THey were great manipulators. Good luck with that. I know how it feels. And it makes you look like the bad guy because you don't want your child to have anything.

  2. We've had the exact same problems! I went and talked to his teacher last week and told her that he needs a signed note to bring ANYTHING home.

    And notes from her sent home need to be emailed because they won't make it past the trash can on the way out of the classroom. :P

  3. We had a big problem when Joselin came from Guatemala. Everyone felt so sorry for her and gave her stuff all the time. They didn't understand why it bothered me. With Anthony (and Joselin too) it is just not about him stealing or me not knowing where it came from, it is also about attachment. Anthony needs to realize that all things come from me and my husband and that we do provide for him. Also, we are in control. He no longer has to be in control to survive.

    Felicia (who wishes she could post on her own comments)