Monday, September 12, 2011

Organization Leads to Pet Peeves

I decided that my cabinets needed some organizing.  Too many folks have been stuffing too much food into them for too long.  They were a mess!

For the moment they look great.

So what are my pet peeves for the day? 

I bet they are shared by other moms.......

My child Noone keeps leaving empty boxes in the cabinet, making it appear as though we have the items in stock.


When my children claim that there is nothing to eat in the house!

Argghh....I am not even showing the other food storage areas and the two fridges (they are still a mess).  Seriously, no food! 


  1. My pet peeve is opening the pantry to find THREE open boxes of the same kind of cereal. All with enough for about a half a bowl... Seriously?!? There is NOTHING WRONG with that last 3/4 cup of cereal unless, of course, you leave it sitting opened in the pantry for three months because you openend another box! (Yeah... You can tell this is a heated issue with me. ;-)

  2. Ha, my kids to do too! I think that some things are just universal.