Thursday, June 30, 2011


The summer is flying by very quickly.  It seems like we haven't really gotten out much so today we decided to check out the Columbia Edventure Museum.  Four kids went......

What is it about driving?  They all want to get behind the wheel.

For once they get to write on the walls.

Many other things are going on....... 

I have been trying to get Anthony and Larissa out to see their older brother.  He turns 18 soon and can leave the system if he wants to.  Two weeks ago I talked ot his SW and she was excited about setting up a meeting.  She was going to talk to him and make plans.  Last week I tried calling her and left a message, she never called me back.  Yesterday I called her and got her voicemail.  She stated in very terse words that if it was after June 30th don't bother to leave a message since she will not be employed there anymore.  I left a message asking for a contact person so we could see the kids brother.  No response.  Today I called my littles adoption worker and asked her for help.  She is in training this week so will look into it next week.  Who gets hurt the most by all these turnovers.....the kids.

I have also been busy looking at photolistings and putting in inquiries.  You pretty much have to put in an inquiry to see if your family is the right family for the child.  I did receive an email response from the large sibling group that would get me into trouble.  I wish he had called me because I need to know a few things before I submit a homestudy.  My SW has emailed him twice and I emailed him once.  Neither of us has gotten a response so I wonder if a family has already been chosen for them.  That is fine because it would require us purchasing a 15 passenger van!

We ran into a local SW at Walmart last night.  She asked us how things were going and I told her that I have had too much time on my hands and built a loft bed.  She was surprised that we didn't have any foster kids in the home and said she would move us up to the top of the list.  We leave for vacation in a few weeks so it really wouldn't be the best time but that is probably when they will call.  Larissa has been asking for another foster kid to come.

Finally, in the toilet paper holder issue we have made some progress..........

Any how is your summer going?

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