Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Project

The fan was too big for the space.  I could see Larissa leaning out of her bed and getting hit in the head with a fan blade.

Taking it down was simple.

All the little pretties had to be put on the light.

Quality control.......the cats are fighting for the tower space.  So far Gabby is coming out as top cat.  I find that funny because she is the smallest cat in the house. even works as well as looks cute.  Larissa (and Gabby) approve.

I should finish the bed today and hope to post pictures of it tonight.


  1. WHAT! you did that!! amazing!!

  2. Can you email me these plans or I can even pay for them! I really want to make something similar for my daughter. Instead I want to put a bed at the bottom and use loft for play and I think this plan will work the best to alter! Here is what I'm really looking to make.....