Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So far.........

I tackled the closet first.  Obvious problem was the hanging rods, Larissa's dresses didn't fit.

The support bracket had to be fixed so I removed it and moved it up.  This is a budget job so a new closet system isn't in the budget.

Naturally the support bracket was put there to stay so removing it cause another job for me....fixing the drywall where the hammer went through it.  That is OK, I am experienced at fixing holes in drywall.

Removed bracket, fixed hole, moved bracket up, painted the closet and removed the single remaining bi fold door.  The closet is complete.

Next step was to prepare the walls for painting.  Vertical, colorful stripes.  I thought that they would be hard to cover up but they weren't. 

I used 1 gallon of Valspar primer tinted light gray.  One coat.  What a difference.

I am still working on the desk.  In true multitasking mode I got sidetracked and started working on another Craigslist purchase........

 More tomorrow..........

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