Saturday, June 4, 2011

Still Painting

Yes, I am still painting.

I had to head to the big city to buy some fabric.  We decided to go to Hobby Lobby where I got into minimal trouble.  I found two fabrics that fit our theme.

Before........a Craigslist purchase from about two years ago.

Next I will finish that desk.  I finally got some inspiration today so I will get back to work on it.  I feel the need to get as much done as quickly as possible because you just don't know when the next call will come.  Most of the time it comes when you least expect it and it is most inconvenient.

We are still missing our babies.  Larissa has put some of our baby items to good use.  Naturally her dolls needed the baby mobile.  Any clothing left behind is finding it's way onto her stuffed animals and dolls.

It is strange, on one hand I am enjoying the freedom of not having two little ones in the house but on the other hand I miss me some chunky baby thighs.  I hope that they are doing well.  We won't hear anything unless things go very bad and the kids come back into care., lunch and then home to work on that desk.  Come back to see the results!

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