Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yesterday I was restless.  I was feeling that perhaps adoption through foster care just was not going to happen.  I started thinking international again.  I was even interested in one specific girl on Reeces Rainbow.  I was contemplating how to raise the funds since I don't have $25-30,000 sitting around for an adoption.

As I was reading through some blogs written by families doing adoptions in the Ukraine region I came across the previous posted video.  It brought me back to my original plan to keep it local.

I need to learn to be patient but it is so hard.  It is even harder when I see those videos and I realize that there is a child out there for us.  Not only are we waiting for the system to work, but more importantly there is a child out there waiting for a family.

Our homestudy has been sent up to the supervisor for approval. 

I have been told to look at photolistings, even to go out of state if I need to.

So, I did a lot of searching last night.  I even put in more inquiries.  That always makes my poor husband nervous.  He imagines all these kids being dropped off at our door.  Considering I only get a response 10% of the time and every response has been for a child who does not match our family, I don't think he has too much to be worried about.  Hopefully I won't get us into too much trouble. Although that huge sibling group I put in an inquiry in would require us to purchase a 15 passenger van......

Have a great night!

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  1. How about a bus? lol I always joked w/Bill about that.