Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Mom

My mom is currently in a nursing home in Texas.  When we left Texas we thought that the nursing home would be fine since I have two brothers living in the state.  My mom is from Texas and wanted to stay there.  However, it is not working out.  My brothers are not visiting her. 

I told one brother that if he can get her here I would take care of her from there.  He plans on bringing her here in August.  I have until August to come up with a plan.  She really wants to live with us.  This is much more feasible here because of the layout of the house.  However, I have to decide if I can care for her.  She is in a wheelchair due to several strokes.....and incontinent, can I deal with that?

She has Medicaid in Texas but I would have to reapply here since it doesn't transfer from state to state.  I can't apply until she is instate.

Obviously if John gets a job overseas I will have to find a nursing home for her.  Jason has already said that he would go visit her and check up on her if it comes to that.  He has a soft spot for my mom so I know he will. 

I talked to my mom today.  She wants to live with me and help babysit.  I know she really can't babysit but I can understand her desire to be helpful.  What do you say to your mom in that situation?  I am such a softie I couldn't flat out say no.

So, I am searching for information.  I need to know what type of help I can get for in the home.  I would need someone to be here when I go to class.  We would have to build some ramps, but not extensive, for two steps into the house and three steps inside of the house.  I would need a hospital bed.  I am not even sure what else at this time.  A handicap van would be nice but that is not feasible!

Anyone know where to get the best information on elder care?

I am in the exploring stage and not really sure what will come of this.  I guess I will know by August.


  1. That is going to be tough but what can you do. My mom is pretty much housebound in northern IN and here we are about as far south as you can get from here. She would never move and our house is packed full anyway.

  2. Look up adult daycares, in home nursing care. Visit a nursing home to get information. I work for a company that owns nursing homes in sc. Any nursing home should be able to give you information and contacts. Some will take a patient while the medicaid is pending.