Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Weekend

Yes, a lot of our weekend was spent working on the castle.

I love the new Kreg jig and might just look for a new project to use it on.

It makes a nice clean pocket......
Finished end piece.  Well, almost finished, I still have some detailing to do.

Two walls up.

Three walls.......

Four wall up..........looking good.  However, I still need to build the stepa and towers.  I also have a lot of detailing to do.

I need to put the mattress supports in tomorrow.  Hopefully I can finish the steps so Larissa can sleep in her bed.

Sarah and I hiding from the world.  We had a nice conversation in there.

It has been slow going because of the heat.  It slows me down when sweat starts pouring into my eyes.  I don't like to sweat!  As it started to cool off a little then the mosquitoes started swarming me.  I gave up for the night and have decided to build the towers in the bedroom.

We did do other things this weekend.  I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda and Friday night.  We never watched the first one so I had no clue what it was about.  I was surprised that there was an adoption theme in there.  Larissa was still talking about it on Saturday, she tells everyone that the duck adopted the panda.

On Saturday morning I took my usual alone time to go to garage sales.  I found an American Girl doll in great shape for only 75 cents....Larissa was delighted and has been carrying it around all weekend.  I am always looking for furniture items to refinish.  You never know what you will find.

Saturday afternoon John and I took some time for ourselves and went to the movies.  We try to get some couple time every week.  Many times it is simply hitting up Walmart together.  We are not very exciting!

Today we got lazy and slept in until 9:30.  I was surprised since we don't normally sleep that late.  I think that the heat sapped our energy.  We got to church on time since we had nursery duty.  After church Larissa asked me where we went and I told her we had to watch the babies.  She asked me if I held any babies and I said yes.  She told me that she wanted to hold babies and wanted to go there too.  Then she asked me when we were getting more foster kids.

John must have been feeling some energy because he finally decided to put up the ceiling fan that we bought months ago for our master bedroom.  Actually, we didn't know where the fan had gone to and had to go search for it.  I had forgotten all about it but with this heat is will be nice to have a working fan in our bedroom again.  He actually got it up with minimal problems.  It seems like every time you want to upgrade anything in the house you have to deal with trying to mesh new designs up with the old.  Plumbing is particularly difficult.

Tomorrow Sarah is leaving for Bible camp.  I am going to miss having her around.  What will I do with only two little ones in the house?  The house is getting more and more quiet. How do you cook for such a small crowd?

I guess I should get to bed since it is now 1 am.  I have a busy day planned for tomorrow.  I need to get to Lowe's to buy the wood to make the mattress supports.  I forgot to purchase those when I was estimating my wood needs. 

So......goodnight everyone.


  1. your castle is so great! love it!

  2. We saw KFP 2 twice in the past two weeks.

    Jessica is gone this week too. Guess we're both missing out girls.