Friday, June 10, 2011


I want to say that not much is going on here then I think maybe others may think differently.  It is amazing how we get used to being busy so when we slow down we don't know what to do about it. 

We went to Augusta today to move John's stuff home.  We left early but it was still hot, 90 plus degrees with terrible humidity.  I really don't like the feel of sweat rolling down my back.  I really don't know how long he is going to be able to do the commute.  He is applying for jobs closer to home but hasn't had much success yet.  He has also started applying for jobs overseas.  We will see what opportunity comes along first.

While we were sweating and moving furniture we received a call from DSS.  I didn't realize it until about 30 minutes after the call was made so I missed another opportunity for a placement.  If you don't receive the call they call the next family.  There is no waiting around here for a response. The call was for the same kids we missed the call for 2 weeks ago.  Now they are split up and the baby is on his third move in two weeks.  I do wish we had gotten that first call but perhaps we aren't meant to care for those boys.  Funny, everyone was so ready for a break and now they are wondering when we will get another placement.  I guess our break has been long enough.  Even John said don't split them up but bring them to us. 

Tasha is gone this weekend to drill.  It looks like she will deploy sometime before the end of the year.  She put in a request of transfer to South Carolina since she is now living here but instead was transferred to a different unit in North Carolina that is deploying.  She no longer lives in NC but has to travel hours to a unit so that she can fill a slot for deployment.  I am not sure how that all came about and why the interstate transfer person did not do her job, Tasha requested the transfer in March.  Something just doesn't feel right about the whole situation.  She got shots today and not too much sympathy from me.  She only had to have 2, I had to have 8 when I went to Egypt.

We are still working on the castle.  I am working on it outside since I am working on cutting, constructing and painting.  It is slow going because I just don't work well when the sweat is pouring into my eyes.  I know, I am a wimp and really don't like profuse sweating.  I have given myself a deadline of at least getting the main structure up this weekend.  Due to some changes I now need to make some steps and incorporate a short cabinet into it.  I am basing some of my basic design off of a loft playhouse design on Ana White's blog site.  She has some really cool designs for all types of furniture.  Check it out if you like to dabble with wood.  I even went out and bought a Kreg jig yesterday.  I have never used one before so it should be interesting.  I am not sure if I will post pictures of the structure in progress or not.  It may take a while to complete.  I now need to add a butterfly and ladybug along with all the other requirements.

On the Joselin front there is nothing to report.  She left on May 28th saying she would be back and hasn't been heard from since.  She still has me on her facebook so I have been precariously following her through there.  All I can do is wait, I can't force a relationship on her if she doesn't want it.

Tomorrow will be a full day.  I will get up early to check out the garage sales, go to the dump with my husband and then we plan on going on a movie date.  Somewhere in there I will work on the castle.

Have a great night!

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