Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We've Been Busy

We have been painting.......

Larissa really enjoyed helping and got into her paint.

Mmmmm, doesn't that small bowl of paint look like chocolate?  The color is called Fudge.

Larissa is decorating the inside wall of her loft bed. (Yes, in a gymnastic outfit with her hair a total mess.  The garage always looks this way so if you ever visit come to the front door!)

I really want for Larissa to be involved in her bedroom.  Sitting back and watching isn't quite as fun as getting involved.  I have more things to add per her request.

She is very proud of her work.

And in true multi-tasking form I have been working on another project.

This weekend we will be moving John back home.  But, hopefully we will find time to finish the castle.  I am having to make alterations to my plans.  Larissa's bedroom is smaller then my current plans.

(This post has been approved by Larissa)

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