Thursday, June 2, 2011


John and I were considering adopting an older child.  We have been gathering information for a few weeks.  Sadly we have decided not to pursue adoption.  We feel that given her mental illnesses she needs to be in a smaller family.  It is sad because we do have the experience to deal with her mental health issues.  Honestly, we are scared.  She is older (prepuberty) and has had a lot of moves.  We also worry about attachment.  It is a hard thing to realize that you can not help a child.  Adoption is so hard.  Making these decisions is heartbreaking.

In other news, John has decided that he will commute to work.  It is a 100 mile commute (one way) and I don't know how long he will last doing that.  I really wish that he could find a local job.  His lease was up on the 1st but he didn't give a 30 day notice until the middle of last month so he has less then 2 weeks before we will be in Augusta packing up his apartment.  Anyone know of a good job opportunity in Columbia?

I really feel that there are going to be some changes around here, I am just not sure what they are yet.


  1. Hi! I followed you over from Mary's blog (mamamem.blogspot). I read a few posts and think I'm going to keep reading! :)

  2. I agree that kids from the system need smaller families that can focus on the child's special needs. We had a girl that needed to move from our area because of all the reminders of her birth family. Wish we could help them all.