Friday, June 17, 2011

Older Child Adoption

From my previous post you might think that I am against older child adoption.  I am not.  I would gladly adopt another older child.  My problem at this time is that I am scared.  Yep, scared to adopt another child who may wreak havoc in my home. 

Obviously we went on to adopt Anthony and Larissa.  However, I consider their adoption to be totally different then Joselin's adoption because we knew them and their issues due to being our foster children for years.  We also knew that in spite of their mental illnesses that they could attach.  Yes, I consider no attachment to be more difficult to deal with then a slew of mental illnesses, developmental delays or health issues.

We were recently looking at a 9 year old girl.  Many of her mental illness issues we were already dealing with.  They didn't scare me.  Ultimately what scared me was the fact that everyone told me how sweet she was combined with how many different foster homes she has been in and a disrupted adoption. Yea, she was sweet to people she didn't live with but obviously not so much to the ones she needed to attach to.

We have an age gap between our 7 and 17 year olds and we would love to be able to fill it.  However, we need to ensure that our younger children are safe.  So, we will wait and pray and hopefully the right situation and child will present itself to us.  Until then, we will wait.

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