Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yesterday Larissa wanted to wear her hair down.  If she wants to wear it down then she has to have it washed and combed in the morning so it will look nice and curly versus looking like a big afro.  So she got up early to do that.  She loves to wear her hair down.  Why shouldn't she be able to wear her hair down versus always braided, beaded or corn rowed? 

Honestly I was worried.  I love her hair but I know that others don't feel the same way.  I was worried that she would be teased. 

She talks about her hair all the time.  I tell her that she is beautiful and the God made her that way.  She wants to know why God would give her hair that people make fun of.  Last year she had one girl in her class that made fun of her hair.   It starts in Kindergarten. Kids can be so cruel to each other.

Well, when they got home Larissa didn't say anything but Anthony did.  He said some boys were laughing at her on the bus and in the cafeteria.  Larissa didn't want to talk about it too much....but she did ask for the top part to be braided before dance class.  Already society is directing what she can do with her hair.  If she wants to wear it down then she should be able to do so without being teased.  It is so sad that kids are teaching her that she can't.

I didn't get a picture, I wish I had because she looked beautiful.


  1. That stinks. Jasmine has worn hers with just a head band before and no one has said anything.

  2. I know that makes your heart hurt! It makes mine hurt and I don't even know her! So sorry. God didn't give her hair that people make fun of - there are lots of people with hair like hers. But people change their hearts from how God made them - God made our hearts good but they change - and when they change we can be mean. Luckily God can change our hearts back if we let him - but her hair was never intended to be laughed at. God loves her hair.