Sunday, September 16, 2012

Larissa is Miserable

Well, we thought that we had things under control with Larissa but it appears that we don't. She continues to have accidents or spends half her day in the bathroom or hallways.  She is miserable at school and we don't know why, she will only tell us that she is bored.

We have taken all the kids off of the morning bus because of problems there with both Anthony and Larissa.

I have appointments to meet with the school counselor tomorrow, her teacher Tuesday morning,  Tuesday afternoon with her psychiatrist and her neurologist on October 1.  I would love to get all these parties together at a round table to discuss her issues.  It is hard when you have a child with so many different issues. 

Her ADHD, anxiety and seizures medications have not been changed in a year.  I think that she needs a change but I am not sure in what. We do know that her seizures have increased and that impacts her sleep.  Let me tell you, a sleepy Larissa is a mean Larissa.

She goes to school where she is "bored" and either she has an accident or loiters in the hallway then she comes home and is super grouchy.  This has started with school so I know it is something with school.  Her grades are excellent and her cold reads are great so it is not academic.  She is missing a lot of class time and is still doing well.

Part of me thinks that she is tired from her seizures and her anxiety and ADHD meds are not sufficient to keep her engaged in class.  That would make school boring.  But, I am not sure.  I just know that she is miserable and has asked us to homeschool her.

I have never caught a picture of her seizing before but......I was taking a picture of her sleeping on John.

The next moment she was seizing.  She will do this several times a night.... or any other time she is asleep.  If you decide to kiss her in her sleep you will be guaranteed to make her seize.  Put her cover on her and she will seize again.

This week we will be trying to figure out what is going on with Larissa.  Say a prayer for us as we decide what is the best course of action for her.


  1. Are there any alternatives for her schooling? A charter school or smaller private (affordable) school?

  2. Not in this area. John has been unemployed since February so the budget wouldn't cover the cost of taking into Columbia for a private school.