Sunday, September 16, 2012

Party Time

Warning...picture overload!
I was gone all day Friday so John had to bake the cake for me.  When I got home I put the cake together and skimmed the first coat of frosting on and put it in the fridge to finish in the morning.
Larissa was delighted with her cake.  I love how they are so thrilled with what we don't consider to be perfect.  She woke up in the middle of the night and asked me about her cake, I guess mom being gone all day made her a little worried.

Sarah, Kassi and I decorated while John took the girls to Anthony's soccer practice.  We had 1 1/2 hours to put it together.
Pin the eye of Happy Tails.

The suckers had balloons attached and the pencil toppers were both for guests to grab as they left.

Larissa wanted to wear her hair down.

She is growing up too fast!

Some of the kids had never played a pin the tail on the donkey type games.

If you look at Michelle's face that tells the tale, jealousy (I expected it).  She did ask about a party next year and I told her she could but that she needs to get friends.  Her birthday is in July so she can't just go ot school and invite her classmates.

That pinata was very tough!  First, all the kids took a turn with three hits blindfolded.  Some of the kids had never done a pinata before, they loved it.

Then the adults who wanted a chance got to go at it.

Then the kids got to go again without the blindfold.  Jenna finally got it!

Larissa had 9 friends show up.  She had a great time and everyone left with a sugar high!



  1. I'm glad so many showed up for a home party. Around here you have to do something really sensational for them to come!

    1. I was surprised that so many showed up too. Larissa is the most social child of my little ones. That is why I am puzzled by her school issues. Michelle was so jealous but I can guarantee you that if she'd had a party in July she wouldn't have had many show up. She even annoys the kids in her Sunday school class. I am concerned that the difference in social abilities will be a constant issues and harm their long term relationship. Funny, Emma hasn't mentioned having a party and she didn't have the same jealousy issues yet she is right behind Larissa socially. She has come such a long way.

  2. That party looks like a lot of fun! Larissa's hair looks beautiful. I'm glad she had such a wonderful day.

  3. I love the cake!! What if you had an 'unbirthday' for Michelle? After she accomplishes something important? All my kids are born around Christmas, the other Mom's dreaded my kids birthdays. One year we had to cancel a birthday party, (my guess is pizza day resulted in mass school food poisoning), just before school ended we had a party. I didn't do this every year, the kids memory's of their own birthday parties are anticlimactic. Mainly because of the time of year, it's such a busy time for people.