Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Things seem to be a little insane around here these days.  I don't know if I am coming or going.

My day.....

Starts with getting the kids up, dressed, medicated and out the door with most of their stuff.  Snacks, they are killing me. Four kids are supposed to bring snacks to school every day.  Crazy, I don't recall doing that for the other kids.  If I forget, my kids will starve to death and I will be the bad mom. 

Right now we have the added challenge of finding matched socks.  I have been neglecting laundry the last few days and now I am terrified of going up to the laundry room.  I think a visit to the laundromat is in order.  If no laundry is getting done then neither is matching clothing and socks.  I am not sure what the girls will be wearing for school in the morning.  I think that I may try and get to the store tomorrow and buy socks!

Then today I coordinated someone to come and help with my mom on Thursday and then I got my mom changed and fed.  She still doesn't have medicaid.  Our office called and said that they have to have something in writing that states that she no longer has medicaid in Texas.  The medicaid office here can't just call the medicaid office in Texas.  No, I need to figure out who to talk to and get the proper document.  Every day I tell myself that I will do it tomorrow.

Then I actually looked at my kids meds to see who needed refills.  All those ADHD meds and such have to be refilled every month so I have to call and ask for a refill every month.  Then they will either refill it and I have to go pick it up or they will tell me that it is time for the kids to come in.  Two kids are due so I called.  I haven't heard back from the office yet.  I expect that they will call tomorrow and I will go pick them up and take them to KMart.  Ew, I can get socks there!

Then I took Sarah into town to shop for a birthday present for Emma.  She turns 6 this weekend.  Larissa turns 7 on the 17th.  Emma stated to me that she wants pink jingly earrings for her birthday.  Not pink dangly, pink jingly.  They have to make noise.  Sarah and I shopped at all the places we thought may have pink jingly earrings and found none.  We did pick up some cute earrings, not jingly earrings.  We then went to Michaels so I could make some pink jingly earrings.  (Not sure when, before this weekend).  We also stopped at Home Depot where I found a front porch mat that would work with my plans then we had a nice lunch together.

We came back home where I did something....don't remember what.  Not laundry. Took care of my mom,  Painted some of the kitchen cabinets and read some of my favorite blogs.  I love to read blogs about others who are doing exciting laundry.

The kids got out of school and I got to look at their folders and get them going on homework.  One child seems to be stubborn and can't seem to get a clean week of green, even a short week.  Sigh

At 4 I realized that I meant to send a package to Tasha in Afghanistan and the Post Office closes at 4:30.  I headed out to he Post Office and while there my husband calls me and asks me what I forget.  I had no idea.  My Outlook is not cooperating.  It does not like to forewarn me of things, it only likes to tell me I missed things.  It is not being very nice.  Well, I forgot that the adoption worker was coming.  Ack, front porch in the middle of a project, bathroom in the middle of a tear out, kitchen torn apart and the couch smelled like pee (I was told that this afternoon).

Small town, I was home in a few minutes.  We discussed every thing we needed to discuss while I was directing Larissa to get dressed for dance.  Finally worker leaves at 5:05 and Larissa and I shot out to dance and got there 15 minutes after dance started.  Since I was late I just sat and waited.  At home John got Anthony ready for soccer and took him to practice. 

After dance I ran home and picked up Emma and Sarah.  We had a foster care meeting to go to.  Michelle got to stay home and enjoy a sandwich since she wasn't green today.  The teen watched her.  Sarah babysits for the foster children at these meetings.  We stopped at McDonald's for a non-nutritional dinner before going to the meeting.  Then I felt the need to add a chocolate shake on the way out the door.  Oh well, chocolate is a great stress reducer.

At the end of the meeting Larissa got her finger caught in a door.  Tears and comforting followed.  John took the little girls and Anthony home while Sarah and I stopped at Walmart.  I wanted some fabric paint for my mat .  They only had puffy paint so I need to take a trip to Hobby Lobby some day. 

After getting home I got to check on Larissa who was still up due to her traumatic injury.  I don't know if she will be able to get to school in the morning.  Typically she is in bed by 7:30 at the latest. She struggles in the morning because of her seizures.  So I have no idea how she will be tomorrow with less sleep and her seizures.  I will probably be weak and let her sleep in....unless she pops up.

I did some research and talked with my husband about what I want to do with my welcome mat and then painted some on my kitchen.  Painted one coat and then got to work on my college classes.  A lot of work is due the end of this week in both classes I am taking.  Lets just say that I procrastinate so I am WAY behind.  A little more blog reading and facebook.  I break to watch my taped Dance Moms at about midnight.  Then paint and study.

I was about to head to bed and then decided to post a blog.  Yes, after 2am, insane.  Naturally, this isn't everything.  I do bathe and take the puppy out at intervals.....frequent intervals because his bladder is the size of a peanut right now.  I did find the girls spelling contracts that they brought home on Friday which was a big accomplishment.

So, that was my day.  How was yours?

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