Sunday, September 23, 2012

3 Years Ago

Three years ago two girls were found wandering along a highway.  They were running away from home. 

In the last three years those two little girls lived in 7 different homes, two of them children's homes.

Emma has been in foster care half of her life.  She remembers very little of life before our home.

Michelle remembers everything, even walking along the highway.

Their biodad has relinquished.

Last week their biomom relinquished.

Still we wait for the November court date for TPR because there is a legal dad.  A man who has never claimed the girls and has never visited with them.  Yet, he has rights that must be terminated because the biomom was married to him when she gave birth to the girls.

Three years and counting.  Some days I wonder where the most harm was done; in their biohome or in the foster system.

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  1. wow. I am so glad they found you. I've been digging through your posts looking for stories to go with the new photos in your side bar. You had little ones in foster care last time I was here, and I'm guessing they are these two (I love the soccer photos! I remember one of my friends who spent her first year on the soccer field holding hands with her best friend and picking dandelions. She got a soccer scholarship to college!). I am always in awe when I visit your blog, you and your husband humble me.
    I'm off to finish dinner and find out why the 3 year old is throwing things, but I'm praying for your mom, and a good job situation for your husband, and peace for you.