Friday, September 21, 2012

To the School We Go

We were called on Wednesday and asked if we could meet at the school on Thursday morning.  This was a meeting we had scheduled for Anthony in October and they didn't want to wait.  So, once again off to school we went.

At this meeting were; my husband and I, the principal, guidance counselor, psychologist, resource room teacher, classroom teacher, and two psychologists in training.  A lot of folks to discuss Anthony.  We started with their thoughts that he needed a 504 plan. Anthony was arguing with another student and made a threat to him.  He later told everyone who questioned him about it that he would never actually do it.  I think he was surprised by the attention he gained from it.  I don't think he is going to repeat it.  It is the only time he has threatening someone and he is really not a violent type of kid.  He has not had any other issues in the class and has never had a violent episode.  All his issues are task avoidance.  So I said that I didn't feel that this warranted at 504 plan and that it was an isolated event.  We all discussed it and came to that agreement.  However, the counselor is going to discuss with him the appropriate way to respond when he is mad.

Academics....well, that is a challenge.  Testing shows that he is capable.  However, he has no motivation.  That is hard to change.  He has never had motivation to do his work.  We always struggle with ways to motivate him. Finding the thing that motivates him is hard because he is not  big into anything.  He plays with his toys but isn't interested enough to have them as a motivator. We are going to try some things and try some different studying tactics to see if we can find a motivator and what type of studying helps. This week we had him write his vocabulary words on a card with the word on one side and the definition on the other.  Spelling words were put on cards also. 

His social studies was studying an article.  He read it and then I quizzed him on it.  His teacher had highlighted what was important.  When I quizzed him on the highlighted area he couldn't answer any of the questions.  I reread the article to him and then quizzed him again.  Still no answers.  Finally I told him what the important part were and asked him what I had just told him.  Of course, he then got the answers correct.  We ate mushy macaroni and cheese because this process took a lot longer then I expected.  I also realized later that I will not do it again next week.  He wants everyone to give him the answers and I played right into that.  Next week I plan on reading the article and writing him questions and make him look up the answers. 

I will be curious to see what his grades are this week.  This is challenging for me because this is our first child who really doesn't care what type of grades he all.  Any suggestions out there for motivating a non-motivated child?


  1. For my non motivated 10 yo who just wants to play I have found that having him write all the questions he misses and find ALL the right answers seems to help. He is SLOWLY discovering he doesn't have as much work if he does it right the first time. This is an extremely smart child, with LOTS of ODD issues. The fact I homeschool and can regulate it helps.

  2. Maybe a point system toward earning something he wants to earn if he's okay with delayed rewards. So many points for grades, so many for behavior. Or give him play money and set up a store.

  3. Anthony appears unmoved by motivational efforts at home or school. He uses oppositional Defiant behavor to get his way at school but does not at home. We are still looking for the motivators that will excite him to want to achieve. As of now, grades and Teacher notes home have no affect on him. Making him redo his work at home is not a motivator and pulling him from TV and games has had little effect. Anthony will sit at his math homework for hours and just draw marks on the grade sheet. Once in awhile he will avoid doing his homework for hours and then all of the sudden finish up his homework correctly.