Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School Revisited

Life just seems to stay interesting around here.  Before I could get to the school counselor for Larissa's issues, Anthony got into some big trouble.  He now has recess suspension for three days and I have a child study appointment for him with the possibility of an IEP change (he is failing everything) and the implementation of a 504 plan..  Then the counselor asked me if he could be MR!  Uh, no.  I have his last IQ test, he tested average, but, he hasn't grasped the idea of studying.  He sees no problem with failing, they are just a grade on the paper.  We have bought packages of flash cards, showed him studying techniques and are trying to get him involved in his education.  How do you motivate a child who doesn't care?  Ugh

Back to Larissa, she is "unique".  I have come to the conclusion that her issues are wrapped up in task avoidance.  Plain and simple, she isn't enjoying school and would rather wander the halls.  She did get her ADHD meds increased today so maybe that will help her to attend to her teacher better.  In October we plan on asking if there is any way they can admit her and get her seizure meds adjusted in the hospital.  They wanted to do that in Texas but we were literally moving the next day and couldn't stay.  We do believe that she is sleep deprived every day.  She goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and yet is hard to wake in the morning.  The other kids pop right up and are ready to go.  I do hope that we can find some way to get the seizures under control without playing with more medications.

To motivate her to stay in class and not have accidents (which I believe are another way to get out of class) we have implemented a positive behavior plan at home.  For every dry day she gets a star.  For every day that she doesn't have to go to the nurse for an extra bathroom break she gets another star.  When she gets 20 stars she will get to go to a movie (her choice of motivation).  Today she earned 2 stars!

I feel that we are going in the right direction with Larissa and school right now.  Of course I also know that with our life, that can quickly change.  On a positive note, she is doing great socially!

Emma continues to do great in school.  What can I say but "Wow!  She has grown so much!"

Michelle, well, some small behavior issues.  However, she is smart enough to realize that she is just not getting away with her stuff.  We implemented our own treasure box at home for good behavior all week and she really wants one of the harmonicas in there.  She hasn't had a good full week yet but maybe this week will be it.  She had MAP testing in class and came home all excited because she got one of the highest scores in her class.  After having her tested over the summer and realizing that she has not been working up to her potential we have been really encouraging her to show her bright side.  She was so proud of herself today.  I think that performing to her full ability will really help her self-esteem.  Perhaps it will also help with her behavior once she realizes that excelling at her academics is more fun then having behavior issues.

Anthony, well, read above.  The last few weeks have not been good academically as we try to help him grasp the concept of studying and what failing grades mean.  As for his recess suspension, lets just say very bad choices were made on his part.  (insert eye rolling here).

On a good note, the school still welcomes us and the school counselor says that we help to keep her employed. 

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