Friday, September 7, 2012

Living the Good Life

In case you are curious, Larissa popped out of the bed morning after her finger injury with excitement because she wanted to show her teacher her finger. She wants it to turn black because that would be interesting (I don't think it will.).

I did go out and buy new socks.  You would think that I had bought something really exciting, the girls love them new socks!  They want to change socks after school, more laundry.  On a good note, my husband told me he will go to the laundromat tomorrow for me.  Ah, the luxury.  All my laundry done at once.  Of course, my biggest problem is actually getting it put away.

Soccer and little ones......entertaining.  It must take a lot of patience to  coach this age group.  If the kids aren't running the wrong way then they are being oblivious to what is going on around them.
They were in the middle of a practice game in the picture below...Larissa is facing away from the ball talking with the coach's son.

The baby is so spoiled.  He can't stand to be all.  His dad was a chihuahua and he got his little whine from him.
He is fearless and takes toys from Roxie.  Stuffed toys were OK but you should have seen the fight when the pigs ears came out!
Roxie has been limping and today I noticed a bump on her hind end.  She has a vet appointment tomorrow.  I have convinced my husband to take her because I already had other plans but didn't feel that the vet should wait all weekend.

Sarah decided that she wanted to go purple, so she did.

This is my front door mat.  I have plans for it so I will be visiting Hobby Lobby in Columbia tomorrow.  First I have to deliver Emma's birthday cupcakes to school.  She will be 6 on Saturday.  I still haven't made her jingly earrings. 
At our school you cannot take home baked goods.  Everything must be store bought.  I miss taking home baked goods!

Bathroom project is underway.  It used to have wood floors but after 20 years they had to be replaced.  The tile that was put in there was popping up and the floor was moving.  So, the choice was either to go under the house and work on the support or tear the tile and backboard out and put in a sheet of vinyl.

We decided to tear out and put in sheet vinyl.  John did the tear out.

I measured for the holes and John cut out the plywood underlayment.

Yesterday morning John did the tear out.  In the afternoon we bought the plywood.  At 2 am I cut the vinyl and put it in.  This morning we put in the toilet.  The sink had to be repainted and will go in tomorrow.  I am still doing some of the trim and repainting the bead board and trim.  The walls need to be painted.  Any color suggestions?
(The vinyl cost $24, it was a scrap piece.)

How much better can life get?  Seriously, watching your children and dogs play, deciding to tackle a small remodel and having the ability to do so.  Sometimes we get so busy we don't realize how good life really is.  We don't even think about it when we load up the car to go to our appointments.  So many struggle with transportation issues.  We expect that when we open the fridge there will be something there.  According to my kids there is nothing to eat, but there is.
Yes, we are living the good life, sometimes I just have to slow down and realize it.


  1. Whatever happened with your other dog that you had? The big dane mix?

  2. She went to a home with a bigger yard.