Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Michelle loves soccer. She is my most aggressive kid and plays most of the game.

Larissa is less enthusiastic but is involved in the game for the most part.

Emma....well, she is more interested in digging in the dirt.  At least she is running with the crowd in the above picture.  That was the only moment she did that.  The rest of the time she was dirt digging.

I know that this is normal and I saw it a lot in the TBall games when my older kids played it.  I can understand better in that sport because there is a lot of standing around.  No one was standing around in soccer, they were all running in a gaggle.

I guess that Emma is not a gaggle type of person.  Yes, this is all midfield.  I was surprised that she never got run over by the gaggle!

I take the girls and John takes Anthony.  I have given him the camera and asked for pictures but the lack of any Anthony pictures tells the tale....John is not a picture taker.

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  1. So much easier when you don't have to worry about film and the expense of getting a ton printed to find out only one or two are any good.