Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Planning a Party

Saturday we were all sitting at the table and Larissa announced that she wanted a birthday party this year.  I had wanted to have a party for her because I felt that socially it was time but I decided to not plan one because it would appear to be unfair.  However, since she asked....I said yes. 

Michelle asked if she could have one next year.  I told her that she could if she has some friends to invite.  She has struggled to make friends and can lean towards being a bully. We are working on social skills so I hope that she can make some friends to invite to a birthday party.  Strangely Emma didn't ask.  Maybe by next year she will.

Larissa wanted the theme to be Lalaloopsy.  We have sent out invitations but it is really last minute so I am not sure how many of her friends will come.  I am not sure how many kids come to home parties anymore but that is what we are having.  I feel rusty about planning a party!  It has been a long time since we had one.  Some time ago parties gave way to sleepovers at our house.

I have been trying to get the house to look somewhat respectable.  Sorting through lots of "stuff".  We have dolls everywhere, most of them nakie.

My mom was helping with homework.  Larissa read her book to her.
I received a surprise in the mail from Tasha....the box kind of gave it away.

I found a spot for it next to my very tall salt and pepper shakers.....Tasha laughed at them when she was home for R&R.  She said she read about them on my blog but didn't realize how tall they were until she saw them.

Well, back to decluttering.  Why does the house look worse when I decide to declutter?  I don't seem to get very far with it, I feel like I just shuffle things around and then get disgusted and throw everything back into boxes.

Friday I will be on the road to Atlanta to take a friend to day surgery.  One day road trip. So I guess tomorrow I really need to plan a party!

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