Sunday, January 30, 2011


The weather was beautiful here this weekend. The kids even got to get out of the house without coats.

I have been practicing with my camera but struggle with taking pictures in the shadows. They always seem so dark. I guess I will need to figure out how to compensate for it......later, sometime when I have time.

Uh, maybe this summer....uh, second session since I should be taking two classes the first.

I realize now that taking 4 classes this semester was suicidal. But, I am committed and know that this time will pass quickly....perhaps too quickly. I have a few projects to do and have no clue what I am doing.

I know that some things slide when I am taking classes. Housework being a big one. Yard work....yea that too. I am thankful that it is winter right now and nothing is growing in the yard. All too soon the weeds will start to shoot up and will grow quicker then anything I have planted. I have a hard time keeping up with the weeks....and the grass that doesn't grow where I want it to grow but loves to flourish in the flower beds. I guess the nice weather has me thinking of spring.

One thing that is growing around here is my kids. I received a notice that kindergarten registration is this month. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I will be registering my baby for kindergarten. It is also hard for me to believe that I am registering a child for kindergarten when I have grown kids! I know how quickly kids grow up....but it still catches me off guard every time I notice it.

I think that I have had some growth myself this last week. We were attacked by the medical community. It tested us in ways I hadn't thought about. Our integrity was questioned, our ability to take care of a child was questioned. We found that to be very painful. In the end a biological parent defended us. I still find that surprising. They said that they recognized that we were taking good care of their children.

Sometimes it feels like foster care is an "us versus them" type of situation. To us it is not. We truly are not out there to try and take someones child. We have worked with parents to help them get their children back. We have been mentors to the parents and have helped them after their children went home. We know that the goal is reunification.

We have treated the parents of our foster children with respect. We meet them in the hospital and answered all their questions. We treat them as the parents that they are. I have sent them pictures of their children. I ensure that they know of any growth their girls have in my home.

So, why does it surprise me when a parent of my foster child stands up and defends me? Why do I expect the worse? Why has the foster/adoption system made me so jaded?

I guess that I have some soul searching to do.

Any how was your weekend? Hope your Monday is great!


  1. Kind of like you here--I have two in kindergarten and two in college (and three in the middle).

  2. LOL. same here. : ) I think your kids and bios are very lucky to have you guys!