Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, we are trying to find our new balance after last week. It seems like the one who is most affected by chaos in our home is Larissa. She becomes afraid of separation and will frequently sleep in our master bedroom.
She is our first child who has slept in our bedroom at this age but seems to need it so much. Right now she is sleeping on the couch on top of Lucy. Obviously she will need carried to bed again tonight.

The baby is doing a little better after two days of iron supplements. I feel that in some way we are just patching a medical issue. I would like to know what is causing her to be anemic given she is eating a healthy diet. I probably will never know. The foster babies have a court date in mid-March and may go home at the time. If the bios do not continue the iron supplements I wonder if she will have this same problem again.

This entire medical episode has been so frustrating. We feel as though we have been under attack. I hope that the baby continues to improve. Today she was awake for about 6 hours and her eyes looked better. That is a big improvement over sleeping more then 20 hours a day and looking like she wanted to go right back to sleep when she was up.

While preoccupied, I have neglected my classes. I haven't done any of my reading this week so I will have double reading to do next week. Ugh, I feel like I am so behind. Well, at least I have been keeping up with the laundry!

On our adoption front, we actually received more paperwork in the mail. The SWers name is different so I hope it is from the new SW versus just a temporary worker. It would be nice to get our homestudy finished so our name could be put on the registry. We do realize that there are no guarantees on finding a child, but we won't know until we at least get to the point where we can look.

So, we are getting back on track and finding our balance again. Hopefully, we will get back to our "normal" soon.

I hope that everyone has a great evening.


  1. Poor baby! She has gone through the ringer.

  2. sweet pic of Larissa. I hope this week goes better for you.
    I am not sure if you were in class when Dr. Drasgow told us for homework to read the article on Bb on Dimensions of ABA by Risely,Wolf and Baer and to take notes. He said that we need to know the dimensions. I am behind, too. We'll catch up.