Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tour My Florida Room

I call this my Florida Room because of all the windows. The house also has a family room and a living room (otherwise known as the man cave).
This room used to be an unused patio. The family room wasn't big enough for us so we decided to change the patio to a room. When we first had it built I was concerned that the space would not be used. Turns out, we just about live in this room.
It is 500 sq ft. I know that is accurate because John and I laid all the tiles ourselves. We also took out the windows and had duct work added. It is still a work in progress. Well, seems like most of my house is. I think that John is getting tired of moving furniture around.
Nothing fancy....just comfortable. This couch does stay together since I screwed most of the pieces together. I can't screw the entire thing together because of the size. I do know that I will not buy another sectional unless it has a better way of hooking together then this one does.
The french doors are original and lead to our master bedroom. Those two brick walls are the only walls tall enough to fit some of my furniture. The partial wall is a door simply sitting there. I will modify it later if I decide to stick with this design. My corner of the room is on the far left.
The kids computer area. You can see an opening above. The other side of that opening is the seating area in the kitchen. The bead board levels out the two openings along this wall. Table and chairs, ebay, $100 for table, 8 chairs and a china cabinet.
The opening used to be much bigger. There was a huge window on that wall. Problem with it was it went so low you couldn't put a TV on that wall. The window was lower then couch height on the other side. I took out the window and raised the wall. The bead board is there to hide the fact that the opening used to be lower. Adding brickwork that matches is not one of my skills. The opening sat empty for a long time until I found a stained glass window that I liked. I'll have to take a better picture in the light. At 2 am there isn't any natural light in the room.
TV stand, Craigslist.
My desk. I bought it off of the same person who sold me Sarah's bed, Craigslist. It won't be cleared for long, Larissa has already added a small nakie doll for me.

The cabinet used to be a TV cabinet. The new TV's don't fit in them but they are great for storage.

What I have for storage for now. It will evolve over time. I already had the baskets. I bought them a long time ago at Michael's for 50% off. I attempt to organize on a regular basis but seem to have a hard time keeping it up.
I couldn't fit my computer desk on this part of the wall because the space was just a little too small. I wanted to sit by the window so I am playing with what I have at the house.

My old computer desk is now my mail central. I hope to contain all the papers that come into the house to that area. Mail and other papers that come into the house seem to have a way of covering every flat spot in the house. It is nice because I have all my mailing supplies in one place as well as the stapler, hole punch, paper clips and other such stuff. (Oh, and a tub of Barbie stuff that I haven't decided where to put yet). (Craigslist)

I built in this bookshelf. There used to be a window on that wall. The window came out and I decided that shelving would be a great way to hide the hole.

When the weather gets warmer I plan on painting the kids table and chairs in black chalkboard paint. Larissa has been practicing writing her name with black permanent marker. I figure that if she wants to write then I will just go with the flow. Chalk is so much easier to clean up then permanent marker. The crayon could be cleaned off but......well, it doesn't bother me enough to bother. Doesn't that sound so lazy?

So, that is our Florida room. Like I said, nothing fancy, just lived in. Hopefully tomorrow I will finish the family room, then I need to get back to my studying.
Have a great day!

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  1. wow! that is a great room. I get what you mean about the sectional. We "inherited one" along with most of our furniture when our friend's parents bought a furnished retirement home! Two weeks before we got married. LUCKY! anyway - I can't stand how the sectional is always falling apart and stuff is always getting lost in between the sections. Grrr-
    I can't believe the prices on your furniture. I need to get better about ebay and craigslist- we need desks!
    I never worry about crayon either. I don't think its lazy, I think its well loved. Like the Velveteen Rabbit or something!