Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Day

Well, after about 3 hours of sleep I started my day in the usual manner, getting kids around. I had a full schedule for today. Clean out the sink area for our new dishwasher, go to the local school for 3 hours for my practicum, call the SW, be here for the installer, pick kids up, get to class and go to the hospital.
I knew that things would not go smoothly when I got into my car to take kids to school and my glove box and center console were open. I didn't have anything of value in there so I just closed them up and took off.
I got home at 8:30 and had to be at school in an hour. I needed to talk with the SW, take a shower and clean out the old dishwasher. I was able to talk with the SW and let her know that the baby is in the hospital. I was working on cleaning when the neighbor came over. Apparently his car was locked last night and someone had broken his window to steal whatever he had in there. I guess there is an advantage to not locking your car door. We have never had this problem before, I assume it is teens.
Shortly after the neighbor left the high school called me. Joselin had a ring stuck on her finger and it was swelling up. I had to go get her and they said to take her to the emergency room. I ran up to the school, brought her home and looked for something to cut the ring off with. I couldn't get it to cut so I went to take a shower and had her put her hand in some ice. I looked in the garage for a bigger cutter and found one. I was able to get the ring off. I had no interest in sitting in the emergency room waiting for them to cut a ring off. She got to stay home and clean out under the sink for me while I went to school.
After leaving school I picked up Larissa early and headed home. At 12:50 the dishwasher installer called and said that he would be late, he would be here at 2 pm, not 1. Ugh, this was not good. It conflicts with picking up Anthony. So, I went and picked him up early from school and got home in time for the installer.
The dishwasher got installed and the installer left at 3:15. I needed to leave by 3:30 to get to class. However, I had to pick Kiwi up first. I went to go pick her up and brought her home. I left at 3:40 and made good time getting into town. I actually got to class on time.
However, I was so tired that I couldn't hardly stay awake! I left at break time to go to the hospital.
I got to spend some time with John and the baby.

She may be able to go home tomorrow. Her blood results are just off enough for them to be concerned. Tomorrow they are doing an MRI. Apparently we may have missed a major head trauma because we have too many kids. This morning when they determined that she was anemic it was because we didn't feed her properly. I told John to tell them that we do feed her properly and that they should be looking at a medical reason as to why she is anemic. The doctors do not know what the problem is. Seems like all their scenarios involve us either abusing or neglecting her. Oh, and apparently we didn't take her to the doctors on Sunday and she doesn't have an ear infection.

After leaving the hospital I headed to Walmart. I needed to get a toilet donut for Cindy. She lost her bottom teeth over the weekend and thought that they might have dropped in the toilet (long story). No such luck. I also picked up milk just in case and got home by 9:30.

Tired.....I am so very tired. This was my day and it didn't help on top of my lack of sleep last night. I imagine this post is pretty rambling, I guess it matches my brain activity right now.

Natalie, you will have to let me know what I missed in class tomorrow.

I am heading to bed early tonight. Another busy day tomorrow.


  1. Today was better. The foster baby was able to come home.