Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Think I Accomplished Something Today

Today was one of those days where you just don't seem to get to stop until you are exhausted. I do think I accomplished something, although it did feel like one of those days where you are just spinning your wheels.
After I dropped the kids off at school, Joselin and I started our morning trying to enroll her in high school. We had the two babies with us and after 1 1/2 hours they were getting quite cranky. They were waiting on some paperwork from TN so we said we would come back tomorrow and finish up. Hopefully tomorrow we have more success.
Then we ran by the day care center where the babies will be going. Their social worker had set it up for us so I hadn't even checked the place out. We get ABC vouchers which pay for part of their daycare but not all of it. The place was really nice and it was a place I would send my own child to so I feel good about that. I think that Kiwi will benefit from being with other kids her age. I hope that it will help her speech and maybe even give her a clue about using a potty (she has no interest). The baby will be one next month and I think she will be fine.
The plan is for them to go there from about 8 am to 2 pm while I do my observations in local schools. I really thought that they were going home in December so I wouldn't have to put them in any daycare. However, that didn't happen so we do what we must.
I must admit that I haven't dealt with daycares in a while and I was surprised by what we have to supply. The list:

box of kleenex
2 change of clothing
2 box of wipes
liquid soap
box of ziplock sandwich bags
2 rolls of clorox wipes
2 rolls of paper towels
baby food
crib sheet
box of 100 plastic spoons

Some of it I understand, diapers, wipes and formula. However, I feel like I am paying for their convenience in cleaning and throwing away spoons every day. I don't even know how much this is going to cost so I can't determine if all the supplies are to keep costs down or not.
After checking out the daycare and getting all the paperwork I headed home. The babies got fed and put to bed and I then called the babies doctor to get immunization records done up for the daycare. I also emailed the teacher who I will be working with for the next 4 weeks. I didn't want to email her until I was sure I had daycare. If I wouldn't have gotten daycare I would have dropped that class.
I called Jason and let him know that I was on my way to pick him up to go to the DMV. I left the sleeping babies with Joselin and headed out. The DMV, well sad to say, they were no help at all. first they acted as though we had never been there. Then they said that perhaps the person misread the computer and didn't dig deep enough to figure out the problem. The problem....we had to pay $25 for a new license. So, we paid for the license and he is legal again (I hope). We are going to have to see what the judge thinks at the court hearing. I bet Jason is stuck with a $240 fine. I am still not happy with that situation.
I got back home again and exchanged emails with the teacher. I will be working with her on Thursday and Friday this week. I think that next week I will do three days. So, I did get that accomplished! Then I was on a roll and was able to pick up the shot records and kids from school.
Then I headed out to class. I was about to bolt when he said that it was a doctorate level class. I guess I should have noticed that most of my classes are 6 or 700's and this one is an 800 class. I do enjoy this instructor so it should be an interesting class. The title scared me when I signed up....single-case research designs. Huh? Sometimes I feel so out of my league of SAHM.
After class I got to head to Walmart to buy what supplies I needed for the daycare. Wow, I don't use those Clorox wipes and I was surprised at how much they cost. I guess you pay for convenience. $114 later I got to head home and fill out all the paperwork that they need.
I do believe that I am going to head to bed after I find some blankets and a sheet and label them. Ugh, I guess some clothing too and label them. I have a whole lot of new routines I need to get used to.
Tomorrow is first day of daycare, Joselin doctor appointment and hopefully register her in class and then class for myself.


  1. Our licenses are $48! I couldn't believe it.

    Good luck with the day care. That does sound like a lot of stuff. I mean, what does the hourly fee pay for then?

  2. hobby lobby has these cool write on labels that comes in a roll with a special pen that you can iron on. I found its the best and most inexpensive way other than writing the name on each piece with a sharpie.

    That really is a lot of supplies, is it an inexpensive center? I pay $360 but part of ours is subsidized this year for the state wide voluntary PreK program, last year it was $440/month I think. I don't bring anything except her clothes and nap stuff