Sunday, January 23, 2011

Urgent Care

We got to spend some time in a new urgent care facility today. The baby has been feeling poorly since her immunizations on Monday. All week she has been slowly getting worse. I had hoped that with a quiet weekend at home that she would bounce back.
However, today I felt that she was actually getting sicker.
So, off to the new urgent care facility we went. Let me tell you, it was a much better experience then going to the emergency room. We were actually seen very quickly.

The baby is teething and has an ear infection. She has had a very bad week, so many things combined to make her a miserable baby. We got her prescription filled at KMart and after getting home we realized that they hadn't mixed the medicine. Naturally they were closed by that time so we mixed it according to the directions on the bottle.

I hope that she is able to bounce back quickly. I don't have to go to class until 3:30 tomorrow and I am not scheduled to do my practicum until Tuesday. That is good because she won't be going to daycare tomorrow.

So, needless to say, I didn't get much accomplished today. It is amazing how much a sickly baby wants to be held.

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  1. Even though it's miserable for her, all that holding while she's vulnerable is great attachment.