Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Longer Lazy, Just Crazy

Well, I didn't have class tonight after all. Thankfully I decided to check my school email. Apparently the school is open for classes but each instructor could cancel their class if they felt it was necessary. We do have some students in my program who come from 2 hours away.
The kids school has cancelled class for tomorrow. Cindy has her two grandsons living with her and they were driving her crazy so she brought them over to my house. Add a few teenagers to the mix, no one will notice. I sure get some good usage out of the bench seat I built several years ago. You can fit a lot of goofballs on it. (The food is Zaxby's and one Sonic person all on paper plates)

Add one sister in law and it is complete.

The boys are staying over tonight so we will have a full house. Joselin made dinner....pepperoni rolls. I am sure that they will eat me out of house and home before the night is over.

I decided to go out to Lowe's tonight to get some paint for my craft room. I guess I must be getting too old, my kids were shocked that I was leaving the house after dark. While there I checked out the dishwashers. I sure need a new one. I didn't buy one but I was mighty tempted. I need to wait until this weekend when my husband is home. He has to be in on every large purchase, that way if something goes wrong with it I don't get all the blame!

I did come home with some paint. I had to ended up being the same color as my recently painted new closet. I guess I must be stuck on that color right now. My craft room is currently white because I painted it neutral for the real estate agent. I really don't do white, especially in my craft area.

Ugh, Larissa just fell out of Sarah's bed. She has been falling out of beds for awhile now and I am not sure what to do about. Sarah's bed is extra high so it was an extra loud thump. I really want to build her a loft dollhouse bed with steps. It is not possible to roll out of it. Yea, put that on my list of things to do.

Tomorrow I have two doctors appointments, Kiwi and Joselin, and dance for Larissa. It will be a full day. Friday I should have my first day of class and hopefully the kids will be back in school. John will be back home then as well. Wow, it seems like this week is flying by.

So, I actually did some laundry, made doctors appointments, handled four teens and four 7 and under kids, made a trip to WalMart and later Lowe's and started painting. Quite a random day but I am no longer lazy, just crazy.

I hope everyone else is having a great day. Mine was great.


  1. You are my hero!! Thank you for sending me the link for the support group. I have spent a long time reading in it..I really need to "up my game" if I'm going to get eldest through this and this group looks like a wonderful place to learn some things. I look forward to reading more of your previous blog posts- read enough already do know a great resource when I see one! Plus, how can I pass up reading posts from a mom who makes her own furniture and paints stuff in her living room! Just my style :) Thank you! Jennifer

  2. I love my online support group, they have been a lifesaver for me. I hope that you can get some answers through them.