Friday, January 7, 2011


The babies had visitation today. I was able to talk with their social worker. Basically there is no more fight. The kids will be going home...possibly before March. I understand that fighting it is too difficult. What do you do when someone has completed their plan but there really aren't any changes in the home? Really, their hands are tied. I pray that some change has taken place that we are not aware of. The SW expects them to be back into care one day. What do the kids have to go through before there is change? Yes, being a foster parent can be painful.
Tomorrow morning I get to head to Greenville again. I will be on the road by 5am for another weekend of drill. I really don't like travelling so far away for drill and being gone the entire weekend. I was told that it wouldn't be too difficult to get out at this time yet nothing has happened. I submitted my paperwork before Christmas and it is just sitting there. I have decided that I need to have a better attitude about this situation. Ugh, but it is hard!
I am going to take some time this weekend to get some class reading done. My classes start on Monday and I feel so unprepared. I haven't finished half of what I wanted to get done. Actually, I took a break from everything. Time to get back into the swing of things. I have doctor appointments next week for the babies and Joselin. Eye exam appointments for most of us in the next two weeks. I need to make some calls to see why Anthony and Larissa are not on our vision plan and check the dental plan before I make appointments. Even the cat and dog have appointments next week to get spayed (or whatever the proper term is). I just need to make sure I remember all of them because no one else will.
Well, 4 am will come too soon so I'd better go and try and sleep. It will actually be hard for me since I am a night time person. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. That's the crappy part about foster care. We had a boy for 20 mo--almost two years. He went home. Not a month later mom dumped him with an (unsuitable) relative and disappeared. Then the relative and the boy disappeared. I can only hope the time we had him make a difference in his life. His awana sparky vest is in my closet to this day : (