Wednesday, January 26, 2011


John and the baby are home. I have started this post several times and can't seem to be nice. It was a terrible experience and we believe that the fact that we were the foster parents is to blame.

I get more and more cynical every time I try to write so I will take a break and continue tomorrow with, The Perils of Foster Parenting..................


  1. It is very hard not to take insinuations and rude comments personally. Especially when they are personal!! It's not like the birth mother ewould have done anything differently. Hang in there and chalk it up to their ignorance.

    I still can't get licensed because GA won't send our files. I just want to do occasional respite for now.

  2. It is amazing how the physicians look at you as suspect and challenge what you say. Or, ask the same questions over and over again to what I perceive as a catching us in a lie. I saw that at the hospital staff.