Wednesday, April 7, 2010

45 Days

We only have 45 days until we move back to South Carolina. We hadn't planned on moving back, the economy has hampered the sale of our house. I am not sure how I feel about it. I am finding that I actually miss that house and the small town that we lived in. We lived there for 7 years, that is the longest period of time in my LIFE that I have lived anywhere before.

During my childhood my dad worked for Westinghouse and the longest we lived anywhere was Beaver, PA for 4 years to complete high school. Then I married into the military and started moving all over again. So, I did have the itch to move and Texas was where we wanted to be. We had been stationed in San Antonio before being transferred to Hawaii and loved it. However, it seems like it has changed a lot and grown tremendously. Of course that could just be my perception after living in a small town.

I find that I also miss trees and greenery. be able to just go out and dig in the sandy soil. I thought I didn't like sand until I tried to dig into this clay. We actually saw a neighbor doing yard work using an ax to help break up the soil.

This decision to move back wasn't made lightly. John cannot get a job where he was working before. He was offered a job 100 miles away in Augusta. Right now the plan is to get him a little rental and he can come home every weekend. Hopefully at some point he can find a job closer, more of the unknown.

So, in 45 days we will be leaving Texas to go back to our house....

3400 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bath, four car garage, workshop, shed, nice big lot....yep, I miss it

This was my last view before they loaded up the last of the boxes....

However, before we get to the point of actually moving, I need to go through our current garage.......

You try to downsize by 1000 sq ft and 2 car garages and see what your garage looks like!

Let the fun begin......

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