Sunday, April 18, 2010

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

After downpours yesterday, the sun came out today so we made our way to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. We all had a great time. The animals are obviously used to being fed and would come up to the cars looking for food.

Ohhh, the excitement!

He wasn't going to let us pass without some food.

I didn't realize that the ostrich was so huge.

The zebras definitely knew where the food was.

Sarah likes zebras (thus the zebra painted dresser) and was delighted that they would let her pet and feed them.

This fellow ate the food sitting in a bag on my lap (and half the bag).

This fellow was quite aggressive, he kept sticking his head into the car looking for food. He had quite a peck and Larissa was scared of him.

Bird with attitude!

How many kids can fit in a window to feed the animals?

The llama's were very gentle eaters.

This emu was the smartest, he was at the end of the drive where everyone was dumping the last of the feeding food that they had.

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