Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Three Band Aid Type of Day

A three band aid type of day is actually a day lived to its fullest. Sometimes when living life to its fullest you get a few bumps and scrapes and hopefully you have someone along to hand you a band aid.

We started our morning bright and early cleaning out the garage, yuck. Why is it that after hours of work our garage doesn't look much different?



It may not look much different but it is more organized. All similar items are now grouped together ready for the movers to come.

One bonus was finding the blow up castle. This was a great find, $20 at a garage sale. Naturally we had to set it up.

Maybe the kids are getting too big for it, doesn't really matter because they had fun.

The weather was beautiful here today. We sat outside while the kids ran around. We pretty much spent the day taking calls from Sears extending the time in which our car would be ready. They really had a tough time. They even damaged some parts and had to go to Toyota to get new parts. Didn't really matter to me since they didn't charge us for their errors. We really hadn't planned on spending $1600 on the car right before our move, but you know how life is, always something coming your way. We are so blessed that something like that doesn't throw us for a loop. Sure it sucks, but we can't complain. I still love my Sequoia. We bought it in 2002 and it has 146,000 miles on it, good travelling miles. I hope it lasts another few years because I dread the thought of having to replace it.
I did field one call about Joselin. She is unhappy about where they moved to. They are now out in the country. Her main complaint is that there aren't a lot of black folks there like where they were living. I don't understand her, she doesn't comprehend that we are just trying to keep all the kids safe. I can't help that the other location was obviously not safe. She was supposed to be working on her racist tendencies, I just don't see it happening, I feel sad for her.
Life was so good sitting outside that I couldn't get up the gumption to cook. We grabbed some Scholtzsky's and Sarah and Larissa made cupcakes.
Finally, at the last hour of the business day at Sears our car was ready. Good to have her back home.
I hope that everyone enjoyed a good band aid day today. Especially a Dora band aid type of day. (I do need to restock)

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